Fashion for Future: True luxury is fair, clean and healthy for the planet

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The fashion industry is deceiving you. Because your glamour fashion is actually covered in dirt and blood.

Environmental destruction, harmful chemicals, thousands of tonnes of textile waste and medieval working conditions are unfortunately still a bitter reality in the fashion industry today, meaning that our beloved fashion is accelerating climate change, exploiting people and destroying the planet. But nobody in or from the industry is talking about it. Until now. In this book, you'll discover the brutal truth behind the shiny facade of the fashion giants.

But this book is more than just an exposé. It is a guide to how things could be different. A plea for the future. A guide to action for:

Fashion for Future.

Claus Bretschneider has spent his entire life in the clothing industry and has experienced first-hand what goes on behind the scenes. For a long time, he has been driven by one question: How can we create a new fashion consciousness? In this book, for the first time, he gives concrete advice on how we can buy fashion consciously, wash it consciously and wear it consciously in order to start a revolution in our wardrobe. Without making false sacrifices or losing the fun of fashion and style consciousness.

This book is a must-read for all fashion-conscious people, for all fashion influencers and, of course, for all those who are wondering what they can do to protect the planet.

The change starts with you. It's in your hands

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