Breddy's - Timeless elegance, sustainability and versatility for your style

Our various trouser styles combine timeless elegance, sustainability and versatility to meet the needs of the modern man.

Slim pant "Tight Tommy" - Perfect style with a sustainable touch:

The "Tight Tommy" is more than just a slim pant. They combine fashionable design with sustainable materials (BIOS+) and offer unrivalled comfort. Discover the perfect mix of style and environmental awareness.

Buttoned BREDDY - Stylish and sustainable in a slim cut:

The Buttoned BREDDY is the answer to the search for style, functionality and sustainability. With an eye-catching button fastening, patch back pockets and 5-pocket design, they offer a contemporary look and environmentally friendly production.

Chino "Casual Danny" - Suitable for everyday wear, multifunctional and produced in Europe:

The "Casual Danny" is the ideal choice for men looking for a multifunctional chino that is suitable for everyday wear. The BIOS+ material from Sweden not only offers comfort, but also sustainable properties.

Casual Garry- Perfect for everyday wear, flexible to use and made in Europe:

The "Casual Garry" are timeless 5-pocket trousers with a straight leg that are perfect for cycling to work. If you prefer a button fastening, then these trousers are just the thing for you!

Loos Eddy pleated trousers - timeless elegance with the highest quality:

The Loos Eddy pleated trousers embody classic elegance and the highest quality. With a perfect cut, high-quality materials and a versatile design, they are the ideal choice for special occasions and stylish everyday wear.

Breddy's is not just about trousers, but an expression of style, comfort and responsibility. Discover our different categories now and find the trousers that perfectly suit your lifestyle. Breddy's - for men who value quality, style and sustainability.

Don't want to compromise on your outfit? Then BREDDY'S is the right place for you. Our trousers, shorts and T-shirts combine a modern look with a high level of comfort and innovative materials. In short: sustainable men's trousers that will get you through the day relaxed and well-dressed.