Really good stuff

Modern look, functional materials, fair production

At BREDDY'S, we consistently focus on sustainability, from working conditions and packaging to our fabrics.

We have developed many of these fabrics ourselves. BIOS+, for example, is a fabric that resembles linen and is made from the castor oil plant.

Our materials are characterised by their easy-care properties: They are crease-resistant, quick-drying, water- and dirt-repellent and antibacterial. So even after a long day, your trousers will still look fresh out of the wardrobe.

Castor oil

We use castor oil for the production of our fabrics. In contrast to organic cotton, this plant uses significantly less water and does not require pesticides, making it extremely sustainable. Due to its skin-friendly and functional properties, castor oil is also known as the "miracle tree" and is therefore the ideal product for your BREDDY'S.

Sustainable trousers for every day

Want an environmentally and socially responsible wardrobe without compromising on comfort, style and functionality? It's possible with sustainable trousers from BREDDY'S. Timeless cuts, combinable colours, easy-care, durable materials and transparent production in small family businesses in Europe make them essentials for your capsule wardrobe. Thanks to our many years of experience in the fashion industry, the fit and fabric quality of our trousers are first-class so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

We produce real favourites.

Our mission

For us, sustainability means designing and manufacturing products that accompany people without jeopardising the livelihoods of others.

We achieve this by using resource-saving materials to produce durable and versatile clothing in a fair way.

Our method is based on the concept of sustainability as fairness.