Very long product service life over many years, contrary to the fast fashion movement.
Each of our processed materials is made with a view
on high quality, functionality and durability
- even under heavy use - carefully selected or self-developed.

Transparent supply chain in
close proximity to the end user.
Breddy's knows every single supplier, right down to
to the manufacturer of our zippers, personally
and works closely with them. At the moment our product cycle takes place exclusively in Europe.
In a further expansion stage, we aim to open several production facilities directly in our strongest sales locations.

Development of our own fabric, the
meets all possible criteria to reduce the environmental impact and at the same time a product with
deliver real benefits.
Our latest fabric based on
Castor bean plants fulfill our vision
a bio-based fiber
environmentally friendly cultivation.


multi column

Sustainable & eco-fair cultivation

Required as a deep-rooted plant
them compared to cotton only
a third of the water for cultivation.

No space for waste

No fertilizers, pesticides and
Genetic engineering required.

Can on barren ground
grow and displace any agricultural land used for manufacturing
of food more urgent than
ever needed.

Substances derived from castor beans have natural water-repellent, antibacterial and thermoregulating properties.