Our impact

More, with less, for a better world.

BREDDY'S wants to change the fashion industry; we want to make fashion that always fits, looks good everywhere and lasts.

Eine Nahaufnahme der Hose einer Person

Our vision

BREDDY'S stands for fashionable visions with a purpose: style, quality and sustainability merge to create a unique experience. Our European manufacturing guarantees the highest standards, while we utilise innovative materials such as castor bean to offer eco-friendly alternatives. Our fashion is timeless and will accompany you for a lifetime. For those who value a stylish and sustainable lifestyle, BREDDY'S is the conscious choice.

More impact through experience

We have been working in the textile industry for 30 years, so we have contacts throughout the industry and have not only observed but also participated in all developments. This is why we develop our products in a completely different way with our long-standing partners and the expertise we have built up.

For example, we have our pattern development and cutting technology directly in Vienna. This allows us to directly influence every decision, no matter how small. From the zip to the style of the product. This makes our trousers unique.

Better production

Through long-term cooperation with our partners, we can ensure fair production in Europe. We do this by regularly visiting our producers on site, discussing challenges, opportunities and questions in person and thus gaining a completely different insight into processes.

This is not only reflected in the atmosphere in the company, but also in the quality, comfort and style of our trousers!