Hi! We are BREDDY'S.

On a vacation in Crete was about the perfect hiking pants.
So a pair of pants in which you can find all the advantages of hiking pants - but still looks good! With which you can go first on the mountain and then to dinner. A pair of pants that should accompany us all day, no matter what we are doing. In the office, on the plane, while driving, while cycling, while walking, while longboarding.
Whatever the day brings - a pant that does everything
every day - all day.
And then we went to work: product development: actually a piece of cake for us, our passion - cut development, material selection, tracing, testing, cut optimization, find colors.

The result: 5 cuts for men, 5 cuts for women, new standards in the confusing world of fashion, safety instead of confusion, reliability instead of surprise. BREDDY'S has what it takes to be your favorite pants.

The BREDDY'S Manifesto

We want to contribute to a better world. To do that, we follow values that we integrate into our daily work.
Progress through collaboration

We want to go far, and the best way to do that is as a team. That's why we firmly believe that we achieve progress by working together on the issues that move us.

Quality instead of quantity

It's better to have a small, fine selection than a lot of clutter. We want to take that to heart not only for our and your closets, but also in our work. In our work life, we implement this by each of us having our clear area of responsibility. In these are To Dos that are worked through one after the other. We make sure to check again and again whether the workload and area are suitable for each employee, and if not, to make necessary adjustments. Only in this way, we believe, can everyone give their best!

With each other for each other

Each of our employees is incredibly strong in their field and has character. If something doesn't work, or someone needs a double check, someone is immediately there to help. That's what makes us, and that's important to us.

The golden Center

Life is so much more than just work. We want our employees* to be firmly anchored in the world we attract. That they see friends and family regularly, get exercise, and even read a good book once in a while. For this reason, a work week at Breddy's is basically only four days!

With the nose ahead

In our world, everything potentially changes every day. To be always on the pulse of time we are in the middle of it, instead of just being there. We have various ways to share our products and philosophy, whether through the online store, our store, the partners we work with, at fairs, festivals or in collaboration with technical colleges. We always have our noses everywhere, but above all always in front.

We live the sustainability that everyone else is talking about.