Das Lieferkettengesetz verhindern – echt jetzt?

Preventing the Supply Chain Act - really now?

The German government's smallest coalition partner has refused to give its consent to the EU's Supply Chain Act. The responsible Austrian Minister Kocher from the ÖVP (Austrian People's Party) also refuses to give his consent. What the Austrian and German governments have thus prevented will please many large, globally active companies in many different sectors: they can continue to generate their profits unchallenged on the backs of the socially disadvantaged.

Claus Bretschneider
Wie nachhaltig ist der Einkauf des Staates?

How sustainable is government purchasing?

Responsibility for the supply chain affects us all - and therefore also the state itself.

It is crucial that government institutions not only promote legislation, but also prioritise sustainability and environmental friendliness in their own procurement practices. This article highlights the current developments, challenges and possible solutions related to public procurement in the context of efforts to improve sustainability and environmental protection.

Claus Bretschneider