The fashion industry is broken

Breddy's wants to change that.
We want to make fashion that always fits, looks good everywhere and lasts a long time.
More, with less, for a better world.

The fashion industry causes ten percent of all global emissions every year.
The place of manufacture of many garments is often in countries where questionable working conditions prevail.
Due to the fast pace of collections, many brands now have up to 52 collections per year, people buy more than they need.
Currently, about 20% of all clothes in our closets are unused.

Breddy's Pants are the only pants you need.
Whether you're hiking, in the office or out to dinner, you'll always be well dressed with us.

The Breddy's Method

What actually makes Breddy's so special? We align our work with our values.
Breddy's method integrates these values and with it we make them applicable!

Long-term Together

Or "Fix Zam", as they say here in Vienna.

More impact through more knowledge

Wir arbeiten seit 30 Jahren in der Textilbranche, haben daher in der gesamten Branche Kontakte und haben alle Entwicklungen nicht nur beobachtet sondern auch mitgemacht. Deshalb entwickeln wir unsere Produkte mit unseren langjährigen Partnern und unserer aufgebauten Kompetenz auf eine ganz andere Art und Weise.

Wir haben zum Beispiel unsere Schnittentwicklung und unsere Schnitttechnik direkt in Wien. Das erlaubt uns, jede noch so kleine Entscheidung direkt beeinflussen zu können. Vom Reisverschluss bis zum Style des Produkts. Das macht unsere Hosen einzigartig.

Better production

Through long-term cooperation with our partners, we can ensure fair production in Europe. We do this by regularly visiting our producers on site, discussing challenges, opportunities and questions in person and thus having a completely different insight into processes.

This is reflected not only in the mood in the company, but also in the quality, wearing comfort and style of our pants!

Materials that can do more

Das Leben fordert immer wieder viel von uns. Und Hosen sollten alle Herausforderungen mit machen können, finden wir! Aus diesem Grund arbeiten wir hartnäckig daran, Materialien mit unseren Partnern zusammen zu entwickeln, die möglichst viel können, ohne dabei die Umwelt zu beeinträchtigen.

Slow fashion that suits you and the planet.

This is what we work for.
Long-term. Honestly. Better