Valentine's Special:


When buying 2 Seaqual - Pants
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Enough of the clichés around Valentine's Day? Flowers & chocolates to give away is unfortunately not sustainable, we can surprise our loved ones with it also no longer.

How about our sustainable SEAQUAL Pants, which are made from "Upcycled Marine Plastic" & set an example against the pollution of the oceans?

In the course of Valentine's Day, there is our SEAQUAL Pants in a double pack 40 € cheaper. Just use the code WELOVEBREDDYS at checkout.

So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself and your loved ones something that not only looks good, but is also good for the environment!


The images of turtles swimming through a sea of plastic bottles are stuck in our heads. Dolphins get caught in ghost nets and fish die because they can no longer find food. The fact is, if we continue like this, there will be more plastic swimming in the ocean than fish by 2050.

Buy BREDDY'S Pants & Support Ocean Clean-Up

We would like to draw attention to the pollution of the oceans and support the Ocean Clean-Ups of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

These produce from "Upcycled Marine Platic" the so-called SEAQUAL ® Garn, which is further processed into a durable fabric. It is from this very fabric that we have developed two of our new favorite pants - our Bold MAGGY & Classic DANNY.

From the ocean to your closet

Step 1: Many local initiatives of conservationists & fishermen are supported by the SEAQUAL INITATIVE to collect plastic waste from our oceans. So that the garbage then becomes your new BREDDY'S, "Upcycled Marine Plastic" is first produced from the collected plastic..

Step 2: In a special process, the "Upcycled Marine Plastic" is turned into the special SEAQUAL ® Garn produced. 1 kg of SEAQUAL ® yarn reduces the waste in the oceans by 1 kg and even consumes 32% less CO² emissions in production than comparable products.

Step 3: Unsere mit dem Global Recycle Standard und OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 zertifizierten Pants kannst du ab sofort bestellen. The models in timeless design are a real eye-catcher. The pants are available in the colors Black and Greyish Blue .


The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with NGOs, fishermen, government agencies and local communities to help clean up our oceans.

The Clean-Up program collects marine debris from our beaches, ocean and rivers. It is then sorted into different types of materials, cleaned of plastic content and transformed into "Upcycled Marine Plastic." Environmentally conscious manufacturers and brands then create inspiring sustainable products for all aspects of our lives from the new, fully traceable raw material.

Consumer consumption is the most powerful tool to drive a shift in thinking. When you choose a product made with Upcycled Marine Plastic, you're helping to clean up our oceans. We Together for a Clean Ocean.

I want to contribute to a cleaner ocean:


BREDDY'S is a fashion brand that puts the main focus on social and environmental responsibility.

We say Fast Fashion the fight by creating pants with a long life, which are also still functional and stylish in everyday life. Because for us sustainability means not only production with sustainable resources, but also a longevity of our products.