And how We implement them

For us, sustainability means designing and manufacturing products that accompany people without endangering the livelihood of others.

We do this by using resource-saving materials to produce durable and versatile clothing in a fair way.

Our method is based on the concept of sustainability as fairness.

Materials that conserve resources

Cotton is not a bad raw material. But the plant is "resource intensive", so it needs a lot of fertilizer, space and water to grow. For this reason, we keep looking around for alternative materials to activate another lever for positive impact.

Fair production

A central problem of the textile industry is the production of fast fashion in low-wage countries. On the one hand, this undermines the consumer's understanding of value and, on the other, deprives small family businesses of their livelihood.
We do it differently!
We have always produced out of conviction exclusively in Europe in cooperation with small family businesses. This allows us to guarantee high quality, fair wages and short distances.

Circular design from the start

The soul of a pair of pants lies in the cut! Through our years of hands on experience in textiles, we know what tailoring is all about. All our knowledge flows together in the Breddy's Pants and allows us to make a well-fitting, durable pants, in which every life cycle is thought from the beginning.


Talking about it

We do good and try to talk about it as much as possible. We are convinced that we have to inspire and motivate each other in order to initiate a change for the positive.