Our material

We choose the materials we use at BREDDY'S with care.

The future of business and leisure fashion

BREDDY'S epitomise longevity and unlimited freedom of movement. We live in a time of change, in which work and leisure merge seamlessly. Traditional business clothing is no longer up to date. BREDDY'S combines the comfort of sportswear with the style of business fashion - ready to take the next step in style and freedom? Discover BREDDY'S Pants and revolutionise your wardrobe!

European from the ground up

The BREDDY'S headquarters are located in Vienna. This is where the design and development of your BREDDY'S is carried out for you. Our fabrics come from Sweden and Italy, our buttons, zips and all other parts of your BREDDY'S from Germany and Italy. Your BREDDY'S are produced in a Hungarian family business just three hours away from Vienna.


We attach great importance to working with suppliers who use sustainable production methods and technologies in order to minimise their environmental footprint. This includes measures such as the use of renewable energy sources, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the minimisation of waste and water consumption.