Preloved BREDDY’S

Give your BREDDY'S a second chance

Welcome to preloved BREDDY'S!

For us, sustainability not only means producing sustainable and durable clothing, but also taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of a garment.

That's why we offer you the opportunity to return your beloved BREDDY'S that are too small, too big, too colourful, too bland or simply no longer fit and receive a €10 voucher in return.

What happens to your BREDDY'S?

Die Beine einer Person in der Luft

♻️ Your BREDDY'S gets a second chance: it is refurbished and offered for sale.

♻️ Your BREDDY'S is upcycled into a new product, such as a "trouser pocket" or a shopping bag.

♻️ We are working intensively with various partners to recycle the material and will produce your BREDDY'S from recycled materials in the future.

Exchange event

In addition, we organise a BREDDY'S swap event every six months. Bring your old BREDDY'S with you and browse through our preloved range to swap your BREDDY'S for another used BREDDY'S. If you can't find a suitable one, you will still receive your 10 euro voucher for your old BREDDY'S.

Of course, you are also welcome to swap BREDDY'S without a BREDDY'S. A BREDDY'S in the preloved range will then only cost you 39 euros.