Preloved Pants

Taking an important step together towards a circular economy.

Our pants can take a lot - and for a long time!
Despite this, they may not be used for that long, and that's fine.

To be truly sustainable, they still need to be worn as long as possible. For this reason, we also offer pants that have their first life cycle already behind them, you can find these pants under Second Life, or already waiting for you in our warehouse for a long time, you can find these pants under First Life.
Of course, refurbished, cleaned and shipped with much love.

We want to give our pants the longest possible life.

Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts! With our new Preloved initiative, you can bring back pants you no longer wear, and buy already worn pants refurbished for a smaller price. We do this to close material loops.

Together, we can reduce our environmental footprint and take responsibility. Extend the life of garments and help us make the world more sustainable.

Join us and wear our Preloved pants for a good future.

What about the circular economy in the apparel industry?

The future of sustainable industry lies in the circular economy. This also applies to the textile and clothing industry. It is understood to mean the reuse of resources that have already been used.

And this is how it should work: A piece of clothing is not thrown away at the end of its product life, but transformed into a new, just recycled product.

The advantage is that the materials used are reused and do not have to be manufactured anew. In this way, we want to save energy, conserve resources and thus reduce the negative impact of industry on our environment.