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The new Organic Basic T-shirt from BREDDY'S is made of high-quality functional material and has a perfect fit. You can wear the sustainable t-shirt on any occasion and you will probably notice right away that it is the most comfortable sustainable clothing you have ever worn. You don't have to have a bad conscience when you wear it. Standard cotton shirts cause an average water consumption of approx. 4,100 liters of water, which also contains pesticides. This is anything but sustainable.

Recycling is the basic idea behind the raw materials of BREDDY'S Organic Basic. This means that no new resources were used in the production of the shirt, but existing materials were used.

Where were the raw materials of BREDDY'S Organic Basic recycled from?

We decided to make the shirts in Portugal from old fishing nets. The plastic pollution in the sea is high and therefore we are happy that we can produce sustainable fashion in this way. We are making the seas a little bit cleaner. All the materials we source come from Europe. That goes from the fiber to the packaging.

What can shirts made from recycled fishing nets do?

Our Organic Basic Shirts are a combination of comfort and function. With a good fit, they also offer high breathability and are climate-regulating. Our shirts are wrinkle-free, quick-drying, antibacterial and 100% colorfast.