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Turns out 1 size smaller.

The Regular Pants Chicago were developed for everyone who likes to wear their pants with a wider cut but don't want to forego style and shape. The Regular Pants Chicago are perfect for outdoor activities but also for days in the office - they are simply comfortable.

Material information


Basic consists of high-quality functional material with a surface finish similar to jeans (96% polyamide and 4% lycra).

Our basic material is produced in Sweden in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The basic material therefore has quick-drying, non-iron, water, dirt and wind-repellent properties.

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    • Comfortable, classic 5-pocket style
    • straight leg
    • Regular Fit
    • Narrow leg
    • patched back pockets
    • Belt loops in contrasting color Breddy's design
    • button closure
    • comfortable durable, structured, stretch material

    Size Chart

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    You will receive each BREDDY'S together with..

    100 days right to return

    100 days right to return

    Test your BREDDY'S

    2 year guarantee

    2 year guarantee

    We offer the best quality

    Free delivery & returns

    Free delivery & returns

    From a purchase of 100 €

    Free repair

    Free repair

    Within your guarantee

    100% sustainability

    100% sustainability

    Ökofair & 100% produced in Europe

    100% color fastness

    100% color fastness

    Doesn't fade or rub off


    Your everyday life is anything but boring and full of surprises.

    You need clothing that is adaptable and at least as versatile as you and, above all, reflects your values ​​- and that's exactly what BREDDY'S Pants offer you.

    Longevity as the basis for resource conservation

    Basic consists of 96% polyamide and 4% Lycra
    creating a jeans-like surface finish
    is produced. Basic has quick-drying, non-iron, water, dirt and wind-repellent properties.

    Unstoppable against dirt, wind & weather

    So that bad weather can't harm you, all BREDDY'S trousers are completely wind- and water-repellent. But even if it gets wet, the BREDDY'S pants are dry again in minutes - thanks to the special quick-drying material.

    But even heat and cold can't harm you with the trousers, because they are climate-regulating from -10 to 30 degrees.

    Another benefit of the special castor bean fabric is that you don't have to worry about stains. If something accidentally lands on your pants, you can wipe it away without any effort.

    stay strong - pants with endurance

    The BREDDY'S Pants made of the material BIOS+ consist of 48% castor oil. This makes them extremely robust and tear-resistant.

    In addition, the environmentally friendly material ensures that the trousers retain their shape and color even after frequent washing.

    And the best thing is: You can wear the pants straight after drying. Thanks to the unique composition of the material, the trousers are completely non-iron and remain so throughout the day.

    Made entirely in Europe

    We work exclusively with European dealers and support small family businesses.

    With the guarantee of regular orders, we can offer our employees a secure job.

    We attach great importance to the well-being of each individual and ensure very good working conditions on site as well as fair payment.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is special about the Basic/Strong material?

    Basic consists of 96% polyamide and 4% Lycra, which creates a surface texture similar to jeans. Basic has quick-drying, non-iron, water, dirt and wind-repellent properties.

    You can find out more here

    What is the difference between Basic and Strong

    Basic is slightly lighter and thinner. So perfect for the warm seasons.
    Strong is firmer and stronger. Therefore perfect for the colder months.

    Do your products shrink in the wash?

    The products do not shrink when washed - as long as the washing instructions are followed. You should also make sure that no fabric softener is used, as it can change the fibers of the material.

    Do I have to pay shipping costs?

    From a goods value of 100 € there are no shipping costs. Below €100 we charge €4.99 for shipping costs.

    Are returns free?

    Yes, you can return the products to us within 100 days without giving a reason and free of charge.

    care instructions

    To wash
    at 40 degrees

    Do not bleach. BREDDY'S is colourfast, even after many washes.

    Dry gently. The BREDDY'S is quick-drying, so you don't need a dryer anyway.

    The products are non-iron and do not need to be ironed, as they adapt to the body after they are put on. If you still want to iron them, you can do it on a low level with a cloth in between.