The materials we use have a great impact on the sustainability of our products. Through selected textiles, we can not only guarantee the good properties of our products, but also contribute to the fact that less water is used and fewer emissions are caused than with conventional fabrics.


BIOS+ is made of a linen-like fabric (45% castor, 52% polyamide & 3% EA Lycra) and impresses with adaptability & robustness. Our BIOS+ material is produced sustainably and environmentally friendly in Sweden.

An additional added value of the BIOS+ material, it also helps to minimize your own carbon footprint. BIOS + has quick-drying, antibacterial, water-, dirt- & wind-repellent and non-iron properties.

With their smooth surface, the models from BIOS+ are universally applicable and can cope with any eventuality - from weddings to mountain tours.



BASIC is made of high-quality functional material with a jeans-like surface texture (96% made of polyamide and 4% Lycra).

Our BASIC material is produced sustainably and environmentally friendly in Sweden. Thus, the BASIC material has quick-drying, non-iron and water-, dirt- & wind-repellent properties.


Together we want to draw attention to the pollution of the oceans and support Ocean Clean-Ups.

Together with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE we have developed two pants made of plastic bottles, which you can order now - our Bold MAGGY & Classic DANNY.

TENCEL Lyocell

„ From tree to shirt - clean clothing is everyone's business".

The T-shirts feel particularly soft and pleasant on the skin due to the composition of 100% Tencel. In addition, they are durable, antibacterial and climate-regulating. Since it is a natural material, take good care of your new favorite shirt!

Tencel is a particularly environmentally friendly material, as it is produced from certified wood using the "Lenzing process" in a non-toxic and low-chemical way. The special manufacturing process allows closed-loop water consumption to be kept to a minimum. Since we at BREDDY'S manufacture all our products in Europe, we are even more pleased that we have found a partner from Austria with the company Lenzing.