To initiate sustainable and future-oriented innovation
means to go new ways.

BIOS+ is a sustainable and forward-looking innovation and sets
new standards as a biobased functional material.

The fibers guarantee long durability, making important
Ressourcen eingespart werden können. Quite incidentally, you can also save your own CO2 footprint minimizing.

The composition makes it possible

BIOS+ has quick-drying, antibacterial, water, stain & wind resistant and non-iron properties.

With their smooth surface, the models from BIOS+ are universally usable and can cope with any eventuality - from weddings to mountain tours.

The processing of the castor plant requires only 1/3 of the water used in conventional cotton production. In addition, the plant is completely free of pesticides and sprays, which is an advantage especially for people with sensitive skin.

Stay strong - pants with endurance

Made from 45% castor, 52% polyamide & 3% EA Lycra..

To ensure the flexibility, robustness and comfort of our products, we rely on the combination with Lycra. We and many leading experts on the subject of environmental sustainability are convinced that the responsible processing of polyamides can be classified as sustainable, as they enable the longevity of a product. This longevity we so often talk about prevents mass-produced cheap clothing that puts pesticides into the environment and requires vast amounts of water.

Nevertheless, we have set ourselves the goal of also replacing polyamide with renewable material with comparable properties as soon as possible.

Completely made in Europe

We work exclusively with European dealers & tailor shops and thereby support small family businesses.

With the guarantee of regular orders, we can thus provide our employees with a secure job.

We attach great importance to the well-being of each and every individual and ensure very good working conditions on site as well as fair pay.