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Are you looking for everyday, multifunctional chinos that are also sustainable and 100% produced in Europe? Then you are exactly right with your Regular Pants L.A.!

Material information


BIOS+ consists of a linen-like fabric (45% castor, 42% polyamide & 3% EA Lycra) and impresses with its adaptability and robustness. Our BIOS+ material is produced in Sweden in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

An additional benefit of the BIOS+ material, it also helps to minimize your own CO2 footprint. BIOS + has quick-drying, antibacterial, water, dirt and wind-repellent and non-iron properties.

With their smooth surface, the models from BIOS+ can be used universally and can cope with every eventuality - from weddings to mountain tours.

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  • stylish, classic chino style
  • Regular Fit
  • buttonable back pocket
  • side slanting front pockets
  • tightening leg
  • two front pockets
  • Belt loops in contrasting color Breddy's design
  • zipper
  • comfortable durable, structured, stretch material
Noah (1.93m) wears 34''/34''

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Your everyday life is anything but boring and full of surprises.

Then you need clothes that are adaptable and at least as versatile as you are and, above all, reflect your values - and that's exactly what BREDDY'S Pants offer you.


Your functional ace in the closet

BIOS+ is a sustainable and forward-looking innovation and sets new standards as a bio-based functional material. The fibers guarantee a long shelf life, which saves important resources. Quite incidentally, you can also minimize your own carbon footprint.

Made from 45% castor, 52% polyamide & 3% EA Lycra


Unstoppable against dirt, wind & weather

So that bad weather can not harm you, all pants from BREDDY'S are completely wind- and water-repellent. But even if it gets wet, the BREDDY'S pants are dry again in minutes - thanks to the special fast drying material.

But even heat and cold can not harm you with the pants, they are namely climate-regulating from -10 to 30 degrees.

Another advantage of the special fabric made of castor is that you do not have to worry about stains. If something accidentally lands on your pants, you can wipe it away without any effort.


stay strong - pants with endurance

The BREDDY'S Pants from the material BIOS+ consist of 48% castor. This makes them extremely robust and tear-resistant.

In addition, the environmentally friendly material ensures that the pants retain their shape and color even after frequent washing.

And the best thing is: you can wear the pants directly after drying. Thanks to the unique composition of the material, the pants are completely non-iron and remain so throughout the day.


Completely made in Europe

We work exclusively with European dealers and support small family businesses.

With the guarantee of regular orders, we can thus provide our employees with a secure job.

We place great emphasis on the well-being of each individual and ensure very good working conditions on site as well as fair pay.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is special about the BIOS+ material?

BIOS+ is made of 45% castor, 42% polyamide & 3% EA Lycra, impresses with adaptability, robustness and incidentally also helps to minimize your own CO2 footprint. BIOS+ has quick-drying, antibacterial, water-, dirt- & wind-repellent as well as non-iron properties. With their smooth surface, the models from BIOS+ are universally applicable and make every eventuality with - from wedding to mountain tour.

You can find more here.

Do your products shrink when washed?

The products do not shrink during washing - provided that the washing instructions are followed. Likewise, care should be taken not to use fabric softener, as it can change the fibers of the material.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

From a value of goods of 100 € no shipping costs. Below 100 € we charge 4,99 € shipping costs.

Care instructions

Wash your BREDDY'S with a temperature up to 40 degrees

Your BREDDY'S is quick-drying, so you usually do not need a dryer. If you do, then please dry gently.

The BREDDY'S Pants do not need to be ironed, because they cling to the body after putting on. If you still want to iron them, be sure to do so on a low setting with a cloth in between.