Bold MAGGY - 100% SEAQUAL - Black

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The Bold MAGGY with high rise, widening leg cut and back pocket. With our new Marlene pants, we are not only opening a new chapter visually. With SEAQUAL we have found the right partner to work on sustainability not only over land, but also in the oceans. 


Made from Seaqual FC Free, the material is made from 100% recycled PES (polyethersulfone) from industrial waste, 10% of which is derived from marine waste - a step towards gradually cleaning up our oceans.  


  • Fit: Wide Legs
  • Fastening: Zipper
  • Waistband height: high rise (high waist), waist cut narrower
  • leg shape: widening leg, thigh area cut loose
  • foot width: wide
  • Gesäßtaschen: Back pocket
  • Front pockets: side large pockets
  • Extras: elastic insert in waistband

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Your everyday life is anything but boring and full of surprises.

Then you need clothes that are adaptable and at least as versatile as you are and, above all, reflect your values - and that's exactly what BREDDY'S Pants offer you.


From the ocean to your closet

Step 1: Many local initiatives of conservationists & fishermen are supported by the SEAQUAL INITATIVE to collect plastic waste from our oceans. So that the garbage then becomes your new BREDDY'S, "Upcycled Marine Plastic" is first made from the collected plastic.

Step 2: In a special process, the special SEAQUAL ® yarn is produced from the "Upcycled Marine Plastic". 1 kg SEAQUAL ® yarn thereby reduces the waste in the oceans by 1 kg and consumes even 32% less CO² emissions in the production than comparable products.

Step 3: Our Global Recycle Standard and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 10 certified pants you can order now. The models in the timeless design are a real eye-catcher. The pants are available in the colors Black and Greyish Blue.


The images of turtles swimming through a sea of plastic bottles are stuck in our heads. Dolphins get caught in ghost nets and fish die because they can no longer find food. The fact is, if we continue like this, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. We from BREDDY'S would like to counteract this and therefore we are now also part of the story of the global SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.  

Together we want to draw attention to the pollution of the oceans and support Ocean Clean-Ups.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is special about the SEAQUAL material?

We would like to draw attention to the pollution of the oceans and support the Ocean Clean-Ups of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

These produce from "Upcycled Marine Platic" the so-called SEAQUAL ® Garn, which is further processed into a durable fabric. It is from this very fabric that we have developed two of our new favorite pants - our Bold MAGGY & Classic DANNY.

Do your products shrink when washed?

The products do not shrink during washing - provided that the washing instructions are followed. Likewise, care should be taken not to use fabric softener, as it can change the fibers of the material.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

From a value of goods of 100 € no shipping costs. Below 100 € we charge 4,99 € shipping costs.

Care instructions

Wash your BREDDY'S with a temperature up to 40 degrees

Your BREDDY'S is quick-drying, so you usually do not need a dryer. If you do, then please dry gently.

The BREDDY'S Pants do not need to be ironed, because they cling to the body after putting on. If you still want to iron them, be sure to do so on a low setting with a cloth in between.