Unsere Materialien

The materials we process at BREDDY'S, we choose carefully.

The materials we use have a great impact on the sustainability of our products. Through selected textiles, we can not only guarantee the good properties of our products, but also help to use less water and cause fewer emissions than conventional fabrics.

At BREDDY'S we select our materials according to these criteria

Material properties

We make a point of using materials with a low environmental footprint throughout their life cycle. In doing so, we take into account factors such as energy and water consumption, the amount of waste generated in the production process, and the biodegradability of the material at the end of its life.

By choosing sustainable materials, we reduce negative impacts on the environment and support the development of a circular economy in Austria and Europe.


We strive to source materials from environmentally responsible and ethical suppliers. In doing so, we use materials that are sustainably grown or harvested, such as through the use of organic farming methods or regenerative agriculture.

We also take into account the social impact of the materials we use, including fair wages and safe working conditions for all people involved in production.

Production & Processing

We prioritize working with suppliers who use sustainable production methods and technologies to minimize their environmental footprint. This includes using renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and minimizing waste and water consumption.

By choosing sustainable production and processing methods, we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.