Basic/Strong is made of high quality functional material with a jeans-like finish (96% polyamide and 4% Lycra).

The material is produced sustainably and environmentally friendly in Sweden. Thus, the Basic/Strong material has quick-drying, non-iron and water-, dirt- & wind-repellent properties.

The composition makes it possible

The combination of material and binding type creates a special robustness of the material surface, which prevents chafed areas and worn material. The Basic models are also ideal for the warmer seasons.


Stay strong - eine Hose mit Ausdauer

We, and many leading experts on the subject of environmental sustainability, are convinced that the responsible processing of polyamides can be classified as sustainable fabrics, as they allow the main advantage of longevity of a product that far surpasses the use of conventional fabrics in cheaply manufactured clothing, and do not require pesticides or require massive water consumption in its production cycle.

Completely made in Europe

We work exclusively with European dealers and support small family businesses.

With the guarantee of regular orders, we can thus provide our employees with a secure job.

We attach great importance to the well-being of each individual and ensure very good working conditions on site as well as fair pay.